Physical properties determination of sample BH TB6, Mukim Labu, Temburong Analysis Data CCOP-CD00-2021-000128

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Physical properties determination of sample BH TB6, Mukim Labu, Temburong

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ASTM D3302-02a, Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence S470

Analysis method

Physical properties test


Field observations
Humification degree (Hg) and lithology were estimated from visual inspection and various testing.

The following laboratory tests were conducted:

Total Moisture content
The samples were air-dried at room temperature and using a VWR forced air oven. The weights were measured before and after (ASTM D3173-03/D3173-93). Total Moisture content were measured as well (ASTM D3302-02a)

The pH, EC, and Redox (Eh) measurements
Samples were mixed with distilled water inside test tubes and left for 1 hour. The pH and Redox were measured using the multi-parameters Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence S470. Subsequently, the Electrical Conductivity values were measured after filtering (ISO 10390, 1997: ISO 122565,1).


#Physical properties #Soil #Peat #Clay

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Mukim Labu

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BH TB6 Physical properties, Temburong

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Universiti Brunei Darussalam-Dr Basilios Tsikouras

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